Don't replace it, RAISE it!

We raise and stabilize driveways, pool decks, patios, sidewalks, roads, slabs, loading docks, factory floors, ramps, voids, trip hazards and more.

Slab Jack Concrete offers industry leading solutions to raise and stabilize concrete in residential, commercial and municipal applications. Polyurethane lifting and leveling is superior to traditional mudjacking and is much less expensive than replacement.  Our process restores functionality, safety, and beauty.  And it will help prevent further erosion and future settlement.  Contact us to discuss your concrete problems.  We're here to help!

Before you decide on costly concrete replacement, allow us to provide you with a FREE evaluation and estimate. We can save you time, expense, and mess by raising, leveling, and stabilizing with high-density polyurethane foam. Concrete replacement is messy, expensive and time consuming; and demolition and landscaping repairs come at additional cost. We have no hidden fees or secondary costs and our process typically takes less than one day. Plus, we will not destroy your landscape or create a big mess. Due to the incredible strength and rapid curing rate of our engineered polyurethane, you can walk or drive on the repair area within 30 minutes. Our materials are environmentally safe, water impervious, and add very little weight to the underlying soil.

Polyurethane Lifting and Leveling is the preferred method

  • Minimally invasive, clean process. Holes smaller than the diameter of a dime are drilled through the concrete prior to injection.  After lifting, the holes are filled and are barely noticeable.  The entire process is clean, with little evidence left behind other than newly leveled concrete, ready for service.
  • Fast process with little downtime.  As the polyurethane foam is injected under the concrete, the high strength foam expands and cures, creating lift and permanent support. Your concrete is stable and ready for normal service in less than 30 minutes.
  • Cheaper and faster compared to replacement. "Poly Leveling" is much cheaper and faster than concrete replacement.  It can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost and time.  Save 50-70% vs. typical concrete replacement cost.  The process is accomplished in hours compared to several days for replacement. 
  • We guarantee our work for 2 years. If your sunken concrete is over 10 years old and we raise and stabilize it, we'll warranty the work for two years.  If it drops more than 1/4inch during that time, we will cheerfully come back and lift it again at no charge.
  • It's eco-friendly! Our material is non hazardous, mechanically and chemically stable.  And, by fixing your existing concrete, you are saving TONS of material from being dumped into landfills.  Raising and stabilizing your concrete is an environmentally responsible decision.
  • Our polyurethane foam is MADE IN THE USA and is engineered for concrete repair and soil stabilization!  Not all polyurethane foam is equal.  At Slab Jack Concrete, we use the proper polyurethane technology designed specifically for lifting, leveling and stabilization.
  • Incredible strength to weight ratio.  Polyurethane foam is very light relative to its compressive strength with incredible load-bearing capability.  And, because it cures as a stable mass, it does not erode and will not introduce significant weight to the underlying soil.  Poly lifting is far superior to mudjacking.
  • Unseen voids are filled.  During injection, material will take the path of least resistance and fill voids.  As the high-density foam fills cracks and voids it provides support and creates water barriers.  The durable foam structure strengthens weak soil, reducing the opportunity for erosion in the surrounding ground and minimizes the chance of future concrete collapse.

If your concrete has created a hazardous or unappealing condition and you want it fixed for good, Don't Replace it, Raise it. For more than 40 years, high-density polyurethane has been used effectively in a variety of residential, commercial and municipal applications - from sidewalks and driveways to roads and bridges.

Our polyurethane has an impressive lifespan. It is unaffected by water, maintains shape and composition under heavy load, and adds little weight to the existing soil.  Polyurethane technology is the preferred concrete repair solution for municipalities, road departments, contractors, builders, and residential homeowners. From highways to a residential sidewalk, our process is cost effective and it works. No job is too big or too small.  Call us today to discuss your project to see if a free evaluation and estimate makes sense.

Commitment to Quality and Value

All property, whether private, commercial, or municipal represents an important investment.  Don’t let your investment settle before your eyes. Often, customers are not aware it's possible to raise and stabilize their existing concrete.  Believing costly replacement is the only option, they do nothing until the problem gets worse and can no longer be avoided.  If you think you have a problem, call us for a no strings attached discussion. We start with a thorough review of the issues.  If we determine we can offer a solution, we will provide an estimate including written guarantee.  At Slab Jack Concrete, our goal is to provide quality service at a fair value.

A better way to raise and stabilize concrete

We saw a need to offer a more efficient, cleaner, less invasive concrete repair method using light, high-density polyurethane foam. Water and erosion resistant, the use of engineered polyurethane provides a nearly invisible repair method by injecting material through holes smaller than the diameter of a dime. Polyurethane is highly reliable and cost effective for many applications, from residential and commercial to demanding industrial and municipal projects.  It's the best process to raise and stabilize concrete.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Our focus is to create customer satisfaction by delivering quality and value. We support a range of customers and applications across much of Eastern and Central Missouri. Our professional staff knows each project is unique, requiring analysis, planning and skill. Success is ultimately measured by Customer Satisfaction.